Presentation of Pars Geo-data Company in the 4th International Congress and Exhibition of Iran's Drilling Industry



Formation Pressure Evaluation

Idle Speculation or a Valid Forecast?

M. A. Neivens

GEO-data Company


Formation pressure evaluation is a highly complex process and requires the calculation, analysis and interpretation of a large amount of different information as well as a high degree of expertise. This is not always appreciated and is often regarded as being a simple process, which can be completed automatically. The presentation is designed to outline the complexity of the process and calculation methods as well as giving an insight into the interpretation of data.

The first part of the presentation briefly outlines the objectives of pore pressure analysis with respect to the relationships between overburden, fracture pressure and pore pressure gradients.

The second part of the presentation deals with the parameters and amount of information required before starting to complete an analysis of pore pressure gradients. Additionally the dedicated
GEO-data software applications required to calculate the required parameters are defined.

The third part of the presentation outlines the basic theory, characteristics and processes necessary to interpret the data. This includes the geological information and the interpretation of the calculated parameters to present a pressure profile.

The theory is backed up with practical examples and diagrams showing that in practice, the theory is adhered to closely and with the proper interpretation, a prediction of pore pressures is possible.

The conclusions sums up the discussion from the preceding slides