About Us

Pars Geo-data Company as a pioneer in providing mud logging services, using the latest advanced mud logging technology was founded in 2004 to provide this technology and making it native.It should be noted that during these years we have been supporting our German counterpart in all field.  After implementation of designing, building and setting up the mud logging units, the company has succeeded to receive the patent certificate from Administration of Registration of Companies and Industrial Property in Iran. In this regard, the company has received badges, statues and various certificates from forums and specialized centers. Mud logging service is part of a special technical service in drilling operations that by providing accurate and timely drilling information, meanwhile increasing the safety factor, it has valuable effects on improving productivity during drilling operations. Interpretation of mud logging data and information is also very useful and effective in recognition of layers, geological studies and reservoir engineering. Providing more than 35 mud logging units of both onshore and offshore with A0 to A60 safety grades, Pars Geo-data Company supplies services such as building & producing devices, providing equipment & components, maintenance & support services, device navigation, and training human resources. The company covers most of the operational needs of the National Iranian Oil Company and related companies active in the upstream industries of oil and gas in different parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Caspian Sea to the forever Persian Gulf. The company started its partnership with Pars Oil & Gas Co., by participation in drilling operations and technical services in phases 20 and 21 of the South Pars Development Project.

Our Goals

• Reducing risks through accurate information provision

• Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of drilling operations

• Increase satisfaction of client


Our Strategy

  • Consideration to safety and environmental protection principles
  • Observance of technical/professional principles
  • Provision of service in accordance with internal and international standards
  • Commitment to customer orientation principle

Our Mission

  • Provision of services based on the customer
  • Improving the quality of operations and services through:
    • Specialized training
    • Transfer of technology and the use of new technologies
  • Job creation and use internal capabilities
  • Preservation and protection of national capital