GEO-data معرفی نرم افزار جدید شرکت

Software Highlights

  • Time – based data could now be printed and displayed in GEOWellpowerTM
  • print – column editor in GEOWellpowerTM
  • File – based WitsML export (Mudlog, BHA) and LAS3.0 data export  & import
  • GEOWellPowerTM is now fully Unicode compatible, Farsi input & Print supported
  • GEOServTM includes a simple WitsML Server (, all depth-based data are now “mirrored” into WitsML
  • GEOWellViewTM includes Advanced Back-Flow Monitoring “Connection Fingerprinting”
  • GEOServTM includes Log ViewerTM: HTML based display of the log to access from the internet
  • GEOWellSyncTM upgraded & updated to transfer data between rig site and office
  • GEOWell ViewTM in combination with GEOWellSyncTM now supports messaging system between rig site and office.
  • New GEOFlow HydraulicTM for Well Control: Semi-automated kill sheets according IWCF rules with “Live” kill operation
  • Realtime display of BHA “moving” through lithology could now be in GEOTallyTM
  • Controller support GPS-Signals for high-precision time acquisition
  • New GEOFlow HydraulicTM for hydraulic calculations with pressure loss calculation by Bingham, Power Law  Herschel – Bulkey (Yield Power Law)
  • Online ECD Calculation
  • Full support of WITS4 (Hydraulics data gathered while circulating)